Preorders available June 1st

That’s right SubF*ckers, we’re close to launch on our very own line of premium ground coffee blends. Your support of the show has made it possible for us to invest in a partnership with a native coffee roaster so we’re only weeks away from being able to ship organic, fair trade, native roasted coffee right to your doorstep. 

We’re launching with three distinct blends: Unf*ck Your Morning, Unf*ck Your Afternoon and a Decaffeinated Unf*cking. The coffee is f*cking delicious and it’s roasted by indigenous entrepreneurs on a reservation near us. 


  1. We wanted to find a way to support the show without asking listeners to come out of pocket. So if you drink (good) coffee, all we ask is that you drink this (great) coffee instead. Don’t spend anything additional on us. Just buy the coffee and we’re square. 

  2. The folks at Native Coffee Traders have been roasting premium coffee on the Poospatuck reservation for 15 years. By combining forces with them, Unf*ckers will be supporting native entrepreneurship. 

Here are a few other notes about Unf*cking Coffee:

  • SUPPORT. If you don’t drink coffee, you can still support us with the “Buy us Coffee” donation button. 

  • FIRST 50 ORDERS. SubF*ckers will be notified first when the store is live and the first 50 orders will receive a discount and a complimentary UNFTR tee shirt. 

  • SUBSTACK. When new products are added to the store, this is where we’ll notify you and offer discounts. 

  • ORGANIC/FAIR TRADE. The coffee is made from the highest quality arabica beans you can get from indigenous sources in Mexico and Latin America. The beans are shipped directly to the Poospatuck Reservation in New York where it is roasted to perfection by tribal members in an old school Diedrich Coffee Roaster.

  • HAND PACKED. When the beans are roasted and cooled, head roaster Amy puts them through an old school grinder then hand packages and seals each bag individually. 

  • LOCAL WAREHOUSE. The finished bags are delivered to a small local warehouse where they are stored briefly then shipped directly to you by the owners of the warehouse. No faceless Amazon fulfillment center. 

  • USPS ONLY. Shipments are done exclusively by the United States Postal Service. No UPS. No FedEx. 

The Unf*cking Coffee Backstory

Our goal when we first launched the show was to find a way to monetize the program without having to ask for money or subscriptions. The “Buy us Coffee” donation feature on our website was almost an afterthought so we were truly taken by surprise when so many of you donated with nothing additional in return. “Humbling” doesn’t begin to describe it. 

So we got to thinking… 

Our top downloaded episode so far is Culture Cancel about the plight of indigenous people in the US and Canada. You’ve heard me speak about my buddy John Kane of Let’s Talk Native who is a friend and collaborator. And I mentioned on the Culture Cancel show that one of my beats in a former life was covering tribal affairs in New York. Well, one of my good friends also happens to be the chief of the Unkechaug people on a reservation called Poospatuck. His name is Harry Wallace. He’s an amazing guy and has been in the coffee roasting business for fifteen years. 

A bit about Harry… 

Harry is a lawyer, entrepreneur and elected Chief of Poospatuck, a reservation in New York that is home to the Unkechaug people. Harry is probably the coolest motherfucker you’ll ever meet. I mean that sincerely. He’s a teddy bear, but one that you would probably want on your side when shit is going down. He’s not a giant, but he’s intimidating until you get to know him a bit. He takes care of his people and his family and is game to fight for any indigenous group when the call is put out. He’ll drop everything to fight for the rights of sovereign peoples anywhere in the world. 

We reconnected earlier this year to bullshit about things and at one point the subject of the podcast came up. The idea hit us at the same time to launch our own line of premium coffee with three distinct blends to begin. Harry got to work adding capacity and we got to work building out the online store. 

The best part of this, beyond supporting our ability to keep producing the show at this level, is that it goes back to this community and will assist in their entrepreneurial economic development efforts. If we do this right, Unf*ckers, they’ll be able to add equipment and hire more members of the reservation. I couldn’t be more proud of the affiliation and more humbled by your support thus far. 

It’s because of your donations, ironically using the “buy us coffee” link on unftrpod.com that we were able to start this up. 

So… thank YOU. Thank you for making this a reality. Thank you for generously supporting the show. Thank you for engaging with our content and sending us suggestions and feedback. 


- Max