Apr 9, 2022·edited Apr 9, 2022

I just listened to this and holy fucking tits town… that is so fucked. I’m a Kiwi living in Australia and the level of fuckery you highlighted is heartbreaking. You should let that sink in, someone living in Australia, (a country that has abundant casual racism and an indefensible track record on dealing with… well… anyone who isn’t white really) was totally taken aback at how aggressive, blatant and corrupt things are for your indigenous people. I’ll figure out a way to buy some coffees, your work is important.

Oh, and Max, if you want to do an NZ accent, stick with the word “definitely”, say it

“diff in it lee” and say it quick and as monotone as your able to do it… because that’s how we fucking roll in Aotearoa!!

Seriously, keep up the amazing work.

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