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Hi Max, 99, and Manny Faces!

Not sure where to write this as I’m not on Facebook or Twitter.

However, you solicited ideas for how to get us, your members/followers/listeners to meet each other. Here’s a thought… first, it’s not an original idea but learned it from another podcast (BEMA discipleship). Their approach to creating discussion groups around the world was to use a map with pins representing all the different regions with listeners. These listeners would then connect with the pod creators if they were interested in leading or forming a group in their region/neighborhood. These people become region leaders but they have to be willing to provide an email for others to establish contact. It worked like magic, and still does since 2017.

Hope that helps. All you need is a map with pins on your website; tell us all to go there and sign up, and let the beautiful dance begin!!

Thank you so so much!!

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