Red zone here, according to the map. This Iowa Badger is seething, hissing and pissing mad. C-PAC meets in Hungry to applaud Victor the trickster and Putin. Fox news pukes regularly into the souls of the deranged white supremacists who grow bolder each day in this state that smells like pig shit. The "Iowa Nice" folks just bend over and take it. Wondering - since the airwaves (radio... later, TV and broadband), were auctioned off by the federal government to serve the public good, why we put up Fox News? There's free speech, then there's yelling "Fire" in an auditorium. Fox news does not serve the public good. Fox News is more like a clogged toilet. Within, are the sheep, white supremacists, neo-nazis and worst of all, many of the republican "elected" officials. Iowans do not like change, even when the shit is flowing over their faces. Where's the septic clean out for that shit hole? Hope there are Esquires out there who could make a case that Fox News does not serve the public good, but represents a grave threat to Democracy. The broadcast license should be revoked. Fuck Rupert Murdock, ... Fuck Gov. Covid Kim Reynolds of Iowa and the Big Ag. Bad boys who buy her elections. These republicans are so untalented and intellectually challenged that they cannot win elections without cheating. Oh yeah, FMF too.

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